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Trump Continues to Fall Fast
Here is a scale of what the approval level in the Gallup poll means.
60s and above: Public admiration
50-60: Strong leader
40-50: Weak leader
30-40: Ineffective leader
20s: Impeachment
Trump just fell into the 30s with a rating of 38. At the current rate of fall, he will be in the 20s in early March.

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Conway Gaffe Memorialized

Conway's false reference to a Bowling Green Massacre is not memorialized in this fake sign. It's not just that Trump is suffering from several severe mental illnesses and taking the country on the wrong path. In addition, he has placed complete incompetents in many high offices.
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13 Canvassers Working Today, 9 in Holbrook
Navajo County has 13 or more people going door-to-door today in this winnable election.

Of the total, at least nine are in Holbrook, including our state Representative-elect Winona Benally.

Get involved, call Keith at 928 358-6843.
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Links Between Trump Associate, Russian Officials, American Mafia and Fraud
A character has surfaced with ties to Trump, Russia, the American Mafia, fraud and a Trump project that left investors with nothing.
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Source: Talking Points Memo

McCain Takes World Stage to Hit Trump Hard
Sen. John McCain went to Munich, Germany, to make a serious attack on Trump as a world leader. He pulled no punches. If this wasn't a declaration of war on Trump, he will take it that way.
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Source: Washington Post

Trump Denigrates America
So-called President Trump denigrates America, saying it is morally equivalent to murderous Russian regime.
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Source: TPM

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