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Democrats March for Science in Show Low

Two hundred people turned out for a well-planned march for science in Show Low on Saturday. In addition to the march up and down the Deuce of Clubs in Show Low, the downtown park was lined with booths from many organizations in support of science.
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Trump Dropping Like a Rock

Trump is dropping like a rock, falling to 58% disapprove and 37% Approve in the latest Gallup poll.

This is dangerous territory for someone who has been in office for only two months.

There is nothing to catch his fall between where he is today and the sidewalk, which is coming up fast.
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Cast of Characters of Trump Russian Conspiracy

It is astounding to see how extensive the connections are between Trump and Putin. This is only what is known so far. A thorough investigation would undoubtedly disclose many more.

The Wikileaks Connection

Guccifer 2.0, an alias for a Wikileaks agent, believed to have played a role in providing information stolen from the Democratic National Committee by Russian Intelligence to Wikileaks for release to the media. Spoke to Roger Stone of the Trump campaign.
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Montana Republican Charged With Assault on Election Eve
The Republican candidate for Montana's House seat was charged with assault after physically attacking a reporter on the eve of the special election to fill the seat.
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Source: Talking Points Memo

Democrat Leading for Newt's Old Seat
A new poll shows Jon Ossoff leading his Republican challenger by seven points in the race for Newt Gingrich's old House seat in suburban Atlanta. White Mountain Democrats will soon be phone banking in support of Ossoff. This is the time to stand up to Tru
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Source: Talking Points Memo

Trump's Russian Mafia Ties
There is so much going on with Trump's ties to the Russian government and Russian Mafia, it's hard to keep track. This article brings us up to date.
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Source: Talking Points Memo

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