Important Precinct Committeepersons News!

(1/19/2020 by Missa Foy-Jentoft)

Are you a Navajo County Elected Precinct Committeeperson (PC) or are you interested in becoming a PC? If so, following is information you will need.


1. All current Navajo County PCs must renew their Elected PC status in the spring of every even-numbered year.

2. To renew your Elected PC status, you are required to collect signatures from ten registered Democrats who live in your precinct. 

3. Submit the required signatures to Missa at 928.205.2475.

4. Deadline for submission is April 7, 2020.

5. Questions? Call 928.205.2475.


The process to become an Elected PC is easy:

1. Determine your precinct.

2. Follow this link to the Navajo County Candidates Forms page.

3. Scroll down to the "Office Seeking" form.

4. Fill out the form and submit it. You will then be able to download the Candidate Packet.

5. Complete the Candidate Packet, including obtaining signatures from ten registered Democrats who live in your precinct.

6. Submit your completed Candidate Packet to Missa at 928.205.2475.

7. Deadline for submission is April 7, 2020.

8. Questions? Call 928.205.2475.


1. For more information about PCs, visit the PRECINCT COMMITTEEPERSONS page on this website.

2.  Navajo County is allowed one State Committee Member for every three Elected PCs. 

3. ONLY Elected PCs are eligible to run and vote for County and State Party Leadership positions at the reorganization meetings.  

4. We will be hosting Regional PC Nominating Parties for new and renewing candidates.

5. You will be contacted prior to the Regional PC Nominating Party in your community.  


Thanks to Kos Readers for Raising $29,294 to Turn Out Navajo, Apache Vote and Capture AZ's 11 EV

(11/14/2019 by Eric Kramer)

Thanks to the generous support of 801 Daily Kos supporters you raised $29,294.93 in our recent campaign against the goal of $52,830 for the second quarter of 2020. This will get us a long ways toward turning out the Navajo and Apache vote, delivering Arizona’s 11 Electoral Votes to the Democrats and putting Mark Kelly and a Democratic majority in the U.S.  Senate. We very much appreciate your support. You are the best. 

Here is a link to the original item.…

Here is the Act Blue link.…

Again, thanks so much to all the Daily Kos readers, writers, editors and Markos for the excellent support of this important work to get rid of Trump and turn the U.S. Senate blue.

Article in the Daily Kos


Navajos, Apaches Working to Deny Trump Electoral College Victory

 (11/7/2019 by Eric Kramer)

Native American organizers are spreading out through the sprawling  Navajo and Apache Reservations of Arizona to find the votes needed to thwart President Trump’s Electoral College hopes and return the U.S. Senate to Democratic control.

The Navajo Reservation is the size of West Virginia and the two major Apache Reservations have an area the size of Connecticut. Though hard  to reach, their population of approximately 200,000 in Arizona can  provide the votes needed to swing Arizona’s crucial 11 electoral votes to the Democratic candidate. Trump has no path to victory if he loses Arizona. Also, Mark Kelly, former astronaut and husband of former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, will be elected to the U.S. Senate with a strong Reservation vote.

With the help of 1,900 individual small donors from throughout the  U.S., organizers are now on the ground in Tuba City and Window Rock on the Navajo Reservation and Whiteriver and Cibecue in Apache country. Rollouts this year will bring additional Native organizers to the Navajo communities of Chinle and Kayenta.

Early in 2020, organizers will be added to Cameron, Dilkon, Pinon and  the Four Corners region on the Navajo Reservation and an additional  campaign worker on the San Carlos Apache Reservation.

Participation in U.S. elections is relatively new to Arizona Native Americans. Though the 14th Amendment after the Civil War made everyone born in the U.S. a citizen, Arizona conservatives denied Natives the right to vote by telling them, “You are not people.”

That blatantly racist view was overturned when Natives returning from  World War II service sued. Sen. Tom Udall’s grandfather, an Arizona  Supreme Court judge, ruled that Natives could vote. But it is often still a struggle for Natives to vote. Some, living on the land as much as 40 miles from a paved road, have no convenient way to register or vote. Others face language barriers and other hurdles to getting their votes counted.

However, Native communities in Arizona vote as much as 98% in favor of Democrats. Could you please help us get this job done? Small contributions are very helpful.

Arizona is widely believed to be trending blue, largely because Maricopa County (Phoenix) is polling Democratic. Pima County (Tucson) has long been a Democratic stronghold. So the work remaining to do is to overcome the Republican advantage in a few rural towns like Prescott and Kingman. The Navajos and Apaches have enough votes to do that, especially if they are registered and organized.

We have raised enough grassroots money to fund the program through March 2020, and are now working on $52,800 to fund the program for April, May and June 2020. Thank you for your help.

In a prelude of what is to come, Navajos won an important election in San Juan County, Utah on Tuesday. After a long struggle put two Navajos on the three-member county commission, the county decided to hold a referendum on a “study” to change the county’s form of government to deny Navajos control. 

With the help of the Navajo Nation leadership, Utah Democrats, Arizona Democrats and local Navajo leaders, the measure was defeated with an election night vote total of 1614 Yes, 1735 No. There are votes remaining to be counted, but mostly from Navajo precincts.

This recent experience shows that organized Navajos can win hard-fought elections.

Article in the Daily Kos


Navajos Will Save the World Again, By Defeating Trump

(10/09/2019  )by Eric Kramer

After World War II, Native Americans started trying to register to vote in Arizona. County recorders told them they could not vote because “you are not people.”

In those days, the grandfather of New Mexico U.S. Senator Tom Udall was a big judge in Arizona.

Native Veterans went to old judge Udall and said, “We’ve fought those  Nazis all over the world, and the Japanese too. We fought with honor and distinction. Many died saving this country. We are entitled to vote.”

Judge Udall hit his hammer on his bench and said, “I agree. Native Americans can vote in Arizona.”

Now, it is 70 years later and the Navajo people must save the world  again. The government is corrupt, incompetent and worst of all, full of hate.

Because of the way this Electoral College is balanced, an overwhelming vote by Navajos can win Arizona for the Democrats and Trump will be finished. (The Navajo Nation is the size of West Virginia, so it is a very significant part of the rural Arizona vote, especially with the two urban counties polling solidly Democratic.)

We concluded our message to Navajos by saying, “Make sure everyone in your family is registered to vote, even that nephew who sometimes is not serious about responsibilities. You know who I mean.

“Don’t worry about Phoenix or Tucson. They are taken care of. We just  need enough Navajo votes to beat Prescott, Kingman, and Yuma. We can do this.”

Footnote: We spent the last three days traveling the  Navajo Reservation with Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kelly. This message was highly effective. If you want to defeat Trump, a good way to do it is to give us (Navajo County Democrats) a few dollars for organizing on the Navajo Reservation.…

We just hired the best organizer on the Navajo Nation for eight hours at $120 a week. Can you help us double her hours? Thank you for your  help.

Article in the Daily Kos