PCs are the Lifeblood of the Navajo County Democrats (NCD)

What are PCs?

•  The workforce of the Navajo County Democrats 

•  The governing body (decision makers) for the Democratic Party in Navajo County

•  The neighborhood representatives of the Democratic Party

•  The heart & soul and the eyes & ears of the party at the grassroots level

•  The voice of Democrats who feel silenced

What does a PC do?

•  Builds relationships and organizes Democrats in their neighborhoods 

•  Registers new voters who move into their neighborhoods

•  Communicates the principles and platform of the Democratic Party

•  Listens to voter concerns and communicates them to Democratic Party leadership

•  Supports Democratic candidates and officeholders representing their neighborhoods.

Why be a PC?

•  You are granted access to the Democratic voter registration database

•  You will discover like-minded people in their neighborhoods to connect with

•  You can influence the evolution and future direction of the Democratic Party

•  Your vote can be amplified by inspiring independents and other Democrats to vote

•  You will have a positive way to channel your frustration under Republican administrations

How do I become a PC?

* Because of the social distancing guidelines in place during the Coronavirus Pandemic, the protocol for becoming a PC has been adjusted for the current election cycle. Please see the 3/25/2020 article "IMPORTANT UPDATED INFORMATION ON BECOMING A PC" by Missa Foy-Jentoft on our NEWS page. You will also find detailed information about PCs on our FALL CAMPAIGN page.

The steps to becoming a PC during normal times where no social distancing restrictions are in place, including downloadable forms, can be found on the AZ Blue 2020 website. Here is all you need to get started: Become A Precinct Committeeperson

(Information courtesy of AZ Blue 2020)