PCs are the Lifeblood of the Navajo County Democrats (NCD)

What are PCs?

•  The workforce of the Navajo County Democrats 

•  The governing body (decision makers) for the Democratic Party in Navajo County

•  The neighborhood representatives of the Democratic Party

•  The heart & soul and the eyes & ears of the party at the grassroots level

•  The voice of Democrats who feel silenced

What does a PC do?

•  Builds relationships and organizes Democrats in their neighborhoods 

•  Registers new voters who move into their neighborhoods

•  Communicates the principles and platform of the Democratic Party

•  Listens to voter concerns and communicates them to Democratic Party leadership

•  Supports Democratic candidates and officeholders representing their neighborhoods.

Why be a PC?

•  You are granted access to the Democratic voter registration database

•  You will discover like-minded people in their neighborhoods to connect with

•  You can influence the evolution and future direction of the Democratic Party

•  Your vote can be amplified by inspiring independents and other Democrats to vote

•  You will have a positive way to channel your frustration under Republican administrations

How do I become a PC?

The steps to becoming a PC, including downloadable forms, can be found on the AZ Blue 2020 website. Here is all you need to get started: Become A Precinct Committeeperson

(Information courtesy of AZ Blue 2020)

Please see the 1/19/2020 article "Important Precinct Committeepersons News!" by Missa Foy-Jentoft on our NEWS page.